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WOW! WOW! WOW! [Sunday
February 21, 2010 ♥ 11:48pm
OMG. wow i found this thing && this is the funniest thing i have ever read!! funny how you can change in FOUR YEARS! crazy. but i really do not know what to write except that this is hilarious. lets see if can keep it up after tonight. lmao

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long time. [Friday
September 01, 2006 ♥ 2:39am
so everything has been crazyyyy.
and i really dont have to write everything in here
so i might tomorrow night
but goodnight<3
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sams over :] [Thursday
July 20, 2006 ♥ 2:23am
well today was the last softball game for the playoffs.
we lost.
but oh well.
i stayed and watched sams game.
got home at like 11:30
just hung around the house and made somethin 2 eat.
my mom is in st. louis
and there was a tornado down there
but yeah sam is sleepin so im gunna go lay on the couch
ill write in here laterr
oh yeah
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4:38 & im still up. [Tuesday
July 18, 2006 ♥ 4:38am
well things have been going pretty good lately
i got to see him finally.
it was almost 6 months.
ive been working out/running a lot lately
it has become a habit before i go to bed lol
but i turn 16 in 9 days now.
and i have no clue if i will have a car or not on my b-day
i hope so
if not i will be in my moms truck all day and night :]
my mom is leaving at 6am for st. louis until sunday.
it is always different around here w/ out her home for the week
im supposed to be getting up with her at 5:30am
but its already almost 5.
and i wont be able to wake up
i have to work tomorrow. 3-9pm
hopefully i get that job at barrister gardens and possible IHOP.
that would be pretty sweet.
im prolly going to lay out tomorrow and sleep since i will be veryyy tired.
but im gunna get goin now.
ill type more later.
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just 15 more days :] [Wednesday
July 12, 2006 ♥ 1:36am
well lately things have been a little on the ughh side
but i guess slowly getting better
which is better then nothing
this week i have had segment 2.
and tomorrow is my last day
thank god
it prolly has to be the boringest thing ever
once i turn 16, in 15 days, im looking for a new job
i miss lauren :[
i seen her saturday and she is comin home from her moms tomorrow so we can hang out!
danielle is here now.
she fell asleep watchin this scary movie that i jumped to like a million times
i dont like scary movies at alllll
well i am going to get going to bed here pretty soon
cause i am exhausted from this really long day.
goodnight :]
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happy birthday tony [Monday
July 10, 2006 ♥ 1:10am
happy birthday tony :]
everyone here still misses you more and more everyday
it wasnt your time to go
but hope you are having fun where you are at
and please keep an eye on all of us
we all lovee you<3
rest in peace.
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woah [Wednesday
June 28, 2006 ♥ 12:45am
looks like i havent been doing to good of a job with updating this thing. but i will try and get better.
so lately i have been really busy w/ softball & work
things still are completely back to normal but i guess slowly getting there.
softball is almost over.

stuff comin up:
6/28: games @ 6pm and 7:30 @ kyte
6/29: make up games @ 6pm & 7:30 @ kyte
no work today
7/1: bjs birthday :]
7/4: work closed. no work! :]:]
7/6: work 3-9pm
7/11: work 3-9pm
7/13: game @ 6pm and 7:30 @ warren
no work today
7/14: game at 6pm and 7:30 @ kyte
7/15: possibly getting the tattoo done :]:]:]:] + nails done?
7/17: seg. 2 8-10pm
7/18: work 3-7:45 & seg. 2 8-10pm
7/19: seg 2 8-10pm
7/20: work 3-9pm
7/25: lauren's 16th b-day!
work 3-9pm
7/27: MY 16TH BIRTHDAY! :]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]
no work today

then i will be one happy person cause i will finally be 16 years old. yesss :]

i guess i have a lot going on coming up. but it is cool. i am used to it. but right now i think i am going to go downstairs for a little bit. i am on a mission again and i am finally going to stick with it tooo!
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17 more days of schooool [Monday
May 22, 2006 ♥ 12:00am
well everything is messed up but guess what i really dont care cause i am slowly getting back to normal
softball is almost over
and then travel starts
17 more days of school
my mom comes home this wednesday :]
umm idk what to put but i gotta get going to bed
i gotta get up on my own tomorrow morning and have all my stuff together
ill write in here tomorrow night
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April 24, 2006 ♥ 12:52am
i miss you so much
please be safe && come back 2 me!
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what a year [Friday
April 21, 2006 ♥ 3:49am
i have been super busy so i don't really update this anymore
but yeah we are on spring break right now
chris mareel died :[
it really sucks and its scary actually
school is gunna be tough
the ceremony for him wednesday night was tough
and then there is another one tonight for him
carly came back yesterday i think but i still havent talked to her
i am going to call her in the morning
this year has sucked basically
life just keeps going downhill
i think i just need 2 move away from everyone for awhile
i miss him so much
i still dont know what i did wrong 2 make us end the way we had to
i guess i will just have to keep waiting
i dont know
please call me soon
thats all i want
well i am going to bed
it is almost 4am and i gotta be up and ready by 12:30 to go shopping
so goodnight

&& truth is, i never got over you
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April 16, 2006 ♥ 2:46am
so yeah it is finally spring break
a whole 10 days of school off
finally get to sleep in like everyday
thursday i had to work from 3-9
it was beautiful outside thooo
went tanning after
came home
fridayy i got up and went to my brothers house
came home and was outside all day
saturday i had to get up at 7:30am and babysit til 6:30pm
it was gay but i got money so thats good
i was soo tired
i came home and it was my brother's birthday
i was outside all day again
did some running around to stores
went to the mall with my mom and brother
got some sweet things
and doing more shopping later this week
and getting my hair done hopefully
carly better come back soon
olivia and me are making plans for the week
sam is in florida
i still havent talked to bill in awhile
oh well
it aint bothering me that much anymore
i am kinda of getting used to it
you are just simply amazzingggg :]
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today was flippeeenn sweet! [Monday
March 27, 2006 ♥ 11:21pm
so yeah got up a little late
today was NOT the day to get up late either
none of my clothes were dry
and i needed all my stuff for softball
yeah you can say it was not good
so then i went to school
after school i came home for like 20 minutes cause our bus was coming at 4 instead of 3:30
still not talking to him
which is getting really old
but hey oh well
then at 3:45 i was back up at school
bus came and we went over 2 warren mott for our game
and yeahh i hit a grand slam
yeah it was sweeeeeeeeet!
i was soooo happy
like really
so my mom took me to 7-11 afterrrr
went to the store
came home and talked to carly and vinnie
were all hanging out this weekend hopefully
well im excited for fridays game
im goin to bed now
no homework no laundry NOTHING to do tonight
YAY :]
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the past monthhhh [Sunday
March 26, 2006 ♥ 9:06pm
soo yeah its already marh 26th.
thats crazy.
the school year is almost over
well softball season has started
been having practice EVERYDAY
oh what fun.
ive been hanging out w/ carly a lot too
not this weekend because she was in illinois
some people have been being really gay though
and making me really mad :[
oh well they need to get over it
bill has been calling but i havent really talked to him a lot
oh well though
he needs 2 grow up
i miss my dog a lot
it just aint the same here w/ out her
and she went way 2 fast :[:[:[
no dog will ever replace her
anywayss.. there is 51 more times we gotta wake up for gay school and then YAY it is summer time.
i am still excited to finally turn 16.
4 months tomorrowww. WHOOOO!
we have a scrimmage game tomorrow @ warren mott
im excited for that
but i have no idea how we are going to do
we havent really practiced outside yet
i am kinda scared
well i have to go do some laundry and then clean up my room
i'll probably be in bed early again tonight
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hmm lately. [Wednesday
March 15, 2006 ♥ 11:39pm
well lately ive been kinda blah/busy
ill write more all about that tomorrow night maybe or this weekend if i find time
ive been like really upset sometimes then like the next moment everything will be amazzingg
i got that phone call from bill but it was kinda gay
but it was still nice
but im gunna go
school tomorrow
should be interesting
no work for me
carly is comin over and were goin job hunting. mostly for her since i already have a job:]
then i have softball tryouts at 7:30-9
then tanning
and prolly going to bed
but hopefully on the phone :]
that'd be great
but im gunna go
ill write more later
i miss you so much dusty :[
see you later baby.
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soooo happpyyyy [Sunday
March 12, 2006 ♥ 11:57pm
well the weekend is already over booo.
but it was just amazinggg
i hung out w/ carly all weekend
steve was over friday night and then he came over for like a half hour tonight
it was funn
carly is stayin the night tonight
then we got school tomorrow
and first day of softball tryouts tomorrow
what funnn
but yeah i am in such a good mood right now
yeah i still havent talked to will in 3 weeks tomorrow
its sweet though
he makes me so mad
you dont even kno
well im out before i get all mad and upset over him
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blahh [Tuesday
February 28, 2006 ♥ 1:13am
well mondays suck. i didnt wanna get up this morning. all i wanted to do was sleep. i was soo tired. school was lame. that was the last place i wanted to be today. teachers love to crame us with a bunch of crap the first day back. it sucked cause i didnt wanna do anything tonight. i came home and passed out. sam called and she picked me up. we went to the hockey game. o yeah we won. so i had fun there but my shoe broke so i was walkin around w/ one shoe on. it was funny but then we stopped at 7-11. then she dropped me off. i started doin homework and im just now finishing and i still have to do bookwork before 5th hour. but yeah tomorrow lame school again then i have to work right after :[ blahhhhh! and im having such a bad day today and i am like so frustrated with everything and i feel bad cause i feel like i am taking it out on people that are really here trying to help me. but its almost 1:30am and im going to go and try to go to bed.

one sweet day<3
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back 2 school in like 8 hours :[ [Monday
February 27, 2006 ♥ 12:07am
yeah my last day of break and i kinda just lounged around. got some homework done and all that good stuff. but i dont wanna go back 2 school. i really dont. i got used to sleeping in and staying up late. but its like 12:08 and i am kind of tired and i have to do some homework still and then do some laundry then get goin to bed so ill update tomorrow!
i love you.
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im so into you [Friday
February 24, 2006 ♥ 4:01am
[ mood | sad ]

well yesterday.. {thursday} was a pretty long day. well not really but felt like it. 2 start off i slept til 3 && i had to work at 3. its all good though. got up and changed and off to work i went. we were steady so the time flewww by. after i went tanning. then came home. people like to lie so i was getting really mad. && i didnt talk 2 him. :[ ahh. now its like 4:10am && i must say i am getting pretty tired. it is already friday and we have school monday. this sucks really bad :( i dont wanna go back @ all. hopefully when i go to bed tonight i wake up in a great mood and my day just goes my way tomorrow. nothing bad happensss!

im going to get going though
your the closest 2 heaven that i'll ever get:]

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on break [Thursday
February 23, 2006 ♥ 4:05am
[ mood | lonely ]

sometimes it is nice just to update in this every once in awhile to get some shit off your mind. do you kno what i mean?

well im on break and i have to say it has been soo nice to not have to set the alarm at night and just sleep in. whooo! but its already thursday and i go back to school on monday. mannn i cannot wait until the summer. it is going to be so sweet :] ill be 16 have a car and not have to get up and get ready for school. o yeahh! plusss it will be warm. im really getting sick of this cold weather. idk how much longer i can take it.

today i slept til like noon or so. got up and just bummed around the house. got in the shower and got ready around 3:30. sam picked me up and we went up to big boys for our fundraiser. it was pretty gay i must say. there were so many people there & the people working there were like flippen out on leah and me so yeah it was dumb. but overall we did pretty good.

i talked to him on monday && we weren't really that good. towards the end got a little better. but now i dont think im going to be able to talk to him unless he calls me cause i aint calling him no more. i cant and i wont. he is coming back 2 me this time. if he really cares he will. i guess i just have 2 wait. hopefully by summer we are okay. i miss him a lot but i havent been getting upset over him lately so i guess thats good. i still love him more then anything :]

well its 4:10am && im still sitting up here on the computer not even tired. its all good. i just gotta be up by 2pm so i can get in the shower and get ready for work at 3. hopefuly it goes by fast tomorrow so i can go tanning then be home and possibly go out or something. i dont know.

well i am out<3
i love you:]

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a week now. [Monday
February 20, 2006 ♥ 2:37am
[ mood | bouncy ]

:\ yeah i miss it
soooo much
but i aint going to get upset over him anymore
i cantttt
but yeah we are on break and its 2:37am
and i am gettin tired
but im talkin 2 robb
havent talked to him since he went back 2 roseville
but yeah im outt now
<3 goodnight

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